A Tale of Fire

A Tale of Fire self-released


  1. Clarity
  2. Opulence play
  3. Desolate
  4. A Tale of Fire play
  5. Cosmic Convergence
  6. Holy Killer play
  7. Death be not Proud
  8. Stoned Dragon play
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Omnivide, a progressive metal band formed in 2020, is on the cusp of releasing their debut album, “A Tale of Fire,” in March 2024. Comprising members with diverse musical influences, the band aimed to create a unique blend of progressive, death, and symphonic metal. The album is a musical journey, alternating between intense heaviness and beautiful, emotional sections. Omnivide seeks to offer listeners a complete experience, combining excitement, energy, and contrasting emotions throughout the album. The third single “Cosmic Convergence” takes the listener to the end of days, which the band explains in further detail:

“Lyrically, this song is about the Big Crunch, the opposite of the Big Bang, when astrophysicists predict that the universe will stop expanding and instead collapse on itself back to a single, infinitely small and dense point of matter. The lyrics describe this process in a poetic way in the first section of the song, with the final chorus shifting perspectives from that of the universe itself to a single human witnessing this process, with the lines ‘One final cry/Begging not to die/As all we are is swallowed by stars’.”

“Cosmic Convergence” was written by Samuel Frenette and is composed of some fast and technical riffs, some more straightforward, but all very melodic with heavy layers of orchestration, and a lot of clean vocals compared to most songs on the album. This song is extremely high-octane in a melancholic and epic way, that tries to communicate the sense of desperation and urgency of the lyrics, with the song being about the end of the universe.

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A Tale of Fire
A Tale of Fire
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