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Forsaken Rite, the epic folk metal band hailing from the northern plains of Edmonton, Canada, is set to unleash a tempest of musical prowess with their latest single “The Storm” which comes from their forthcoming EP slated for release later this year. True to their high-fantasy roots, Forsaken Rite weaves intricate tales of adventure, battles, and travels with each song they create. The upcoming EP is a continuation of 2017’s “The Northern Saga”, and sees the band/war party heading West. The band details what’s in store:

“New stories, new experiences, excitement. The adventurers are traveling West and encounter a terrible storm. As if something greater has other plans for their journey, they must weather its forces in order to survive and continue on their path. A catchy sing-a-long song with clean and distorted vocals and various folk elements. The instrumental section is percussive and brings together multiple folk instruments and melodies.”

Having undergone almost a complete lineup change, “The Storm” serves as a beacon of the band's evolution, showcasing their musical growth and creative ingenuity. With new members come fresh perspectives, and the result is an EP that will captivate audiences and leave them craving more.

Founded in October 2012, Forsaken Rite has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, drawing inspiration from the vast landscapes of the North and their rich ancestral heritage. With an overarching conceptual plan guiding their musical journey, the band invites listeners to join them on their musical conquest in a world where myth and reality collide. Forsaken Rite is recommended for fans of Eluveitie, Nightwish, and Faun.

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The Storm
The Storm
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