Howlin' Jaws

Half Asleep Half Awake

Bellevue Music Recordings Half Asleep Half Awake


  1. Mirror Mirror play
  2. Bewitched Me play
  3. Through My Hands play
  4. Lost Songs play
  5. The Sting play
  6. Half Asleep Half Awake play
  7. Healer play
  8. It's You play
  9. Mindreader play
  10. Blue Day play
  11. See You There play
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Latest News

Prepare to have your faith in rock music restored as Parisian power trio Howlin' Jaws releases their highly anticipated second album, "Half Asleep Half Awake." Following the success of their debut album, "Strange Effect," the band is back with a fresh batch of overpowered hits, luminous melodies, and diabolical finger-burning jams that will leave audiences craving for more.

Comprised of Djivan Abkarian on vocals and bass, Lucas Humbert on guitar, and Baptiste Leon on drums, Howlin' Jaws draws inspiration from the golden era of fifties and sixties rock. Influenced by legendary acts such as Cochran, Small Faces, Beatles, Kinks, and Slade among others.

Already making waves nationally, the record was released last month in France to resounding acclaim from the press and fans alike. The album garnered attention from esteemed publications such as Rock & Folk and Rolling Stone France who featured them on their cover.

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Half Asleep Half Awake
Half Asleep Half Awake
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